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follow the leader, leader, leader.
ciel brûlant
i am the leader of my ruin.
i am a pile of debris,
stinky old garbage
sticking to your shoe
like an old gum,
like an old pattern you
can't shake off.

i am a pile of shit,
i am i a mountain
of devastation, old
fashioned pieces of
moulding demolition.
leaking and crumbling
more and more
morphing into an

ocean of muck.
for i am the leader of my ruin.
i am loving you.
relishing the freedom to
destroy me
faster than ever.
drugs, please.
evade me from this

i am the consciousness
that deliberately chose to
stab you in the back
watch you bleed and
hurt, cry on the ground while i
stood there,
saying i don't know.
i don't undersand.

i am in love with you,
sticking to your shoe,
like old gum.
dirty, agglutinated rubber.
i'm soiled, i'm foul,
i'm scum.

i bring others
in my self-destruction.
for i am a leader.
a leader to my ruin.

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stab. other word for cheated.

this is
so beautiful
the way you write
your heart.

and your head
and your arms
and your skin
and your veins

red and black and green and brown,
dance on fire
dance in colors
like a phoenix
like obsidian and amber
like mushrooms and green buds

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