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« What does it mean to be totally loving? It means to be fully present in every single momemt. to be fully aware. to be fully loving means to be fully naked, without hidden agenda or hidden motive, without hidden anything. » N.D.W.

ok then. i'm aware that i'm in love with you. this means that it hurts like crazy to try to respect my vow for travel, inside and outside. in the middle of class, with children, adults, friends and foes; it hurts. i am, willingly, ripping off my heart from yours. when this makes me want to stop existing, it's very hard to remember why. to keep on respecting a vow i took before the beauty of us ridiculously expanded.
but i try to trust. that it will become ok. even if it's not ok right now.
it's not ok. it's not ok. it's not ok.

that's as honest as i can be.

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are you in love with YOUR SELF.
then you want and know what is the best for you... and the whole world in truth.
expand into true love, no illusion, no projection.
you are as you are, life is as it is.
you live, you love, you learn
and it's the most beautiful thing...
i love you :)

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